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Rebecca Laws Bee Biosecurity Officer Qld

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Dr Rebecca Laws
Qld Bee Biosecurity Officer

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Series 3

Current Series
Presentations given on first Tuesday each month at 7.00pm
from November 2020 to April 2021

3 November 2020 
Taking your bees or bee products interstate 
Bee Biosecurity Officers from around the country will fill you in on all you need to know about moving and keeping bees in their state.

1 December 2020
Biosecurity, pests and diseases of native bees 
Lori Lach (James Cook University), Tobias Smith (University of Queensland) and Jenny Shanks (Plant Health Australia) will discuss what we know about pests and diseases of native bees, how maintaining good bee biosecurity for natives bees also protects honey bees.

2 February 2021
Apiary management for crop pollination 
Whether you your bees are pollenating your backyard garden or huge commercial crops, this talk will cover how to keep your bees healthy while they are working hard.  We will also cover transport and recovery of bees after big pollination events. 

2 March 2021
Less common bee viruses
Rebecca will be joined by Professor Stephen Martin from the University of Salford in the UK who will be talking about some of the bee viruses that we don’t have here yet in Australia and the impact these viruses have had overseas when introduced with the Varroa mite. 

6 April 2021
Swarms and swarming
Found a swarm and don’t know what to do?  Want to make sure your bees don’t swarm?  In this talk we will be talking all things swarming including step by step instructions on how to catch a swarm and rehive it.