Training in Beekeeping

Certificate lll in Beekeeping
Traineeship in Beekeeping
Basic Beekeeping Skill Set

These are the recognized and approved Beekeeping Training Courses available in Australia.

Click on the links below to view details, units of competency for each course and a list of the Recognized Training Organizations (RTOs) registered and approved to deliver this training in their scope of registration.

* Certificate lll in Beekeeping – provides an excellent grounding in the knowledge and skills required to be a beekeeper of honey bees. 

* Traineeship in Beekeeping – uses the Certificate lll in Beekeeping Qualification.  These Traineeships are available to paid employees of a beekeeping business and may attract financial assistance for both employee and employer.  
See also Queensland Apprenticeship and Traineeship Details

* Basic Beekeeping Skill Set – this is suitable for hobby beekeepers and entry level workers in the beekeeping industry.  It covers the basic skills and knowledge required to maintain a bee hive or operate a small apiary.  The units of competency in this qualification can provide credits towards a Certificate lll in Beekeeping qualification.

* Statement of Attainment – through a Registered Training Organization (RTO) you may choose to complete just one or more units of competency from within the Certificate lll in Beekeeping course and receive a Statement of Attainment for the chosen units when completed. 

For more detailed information on all these training courses and how to access each one,
visit the
Education Section on the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council’s website.